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A Caring Career.

Discover the enjoyment of a rewarding career in care, and become
a champion for your local community. If you’re passionate about
doing great things, we’d love to welcome you to our team. 

A Caring Career.

Discover the enjoyment of a rewarding career in care, and become a champion for your local community. If you’re passionate about doing great things, we’d love to welcome you to our team.

...with a company that truly cares.

We know good people make great teams, which is why we’re committed to truly looking after our employees. At Seren, we want you to continually progress within your career, gain confidence in what you do and most importantly, feel valued and appreciated within the workplace. To us, you are more than an employee – you are the very lifeline of Seren, the people we know we can rely on to take care of the people who trust us; and to thank you for your commitment to caring, we promise to always support you.

Live in care.

If you would like the reassurance often provided through residential care, but would prefer to live life more independently surrounded by familiar home comforts; our live-in care package offers the perfect solution. We can match you with one of our friendly, specialist carers who will support daily to help ensure you can fully enjoy the little things in life.

From personal care to household chores and community ventures, our carers can provide full-time companionship to help make life that little more special.

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Supported Living.

Our supported living care packages are focused on encouraging independence and confidence for those with learning and physical disabilities. We believe everyone has the fundamental right to live independently, with the opportunity to make informed decisions at all times. Our carers support with an all-round holistic and nurturing approach that advocates communication, respect and inclusivity. We’re here to ensure life is lived without restriction.

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Domestic care.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find the energy and motivation to maintain your home with all the usual and regular household chores. Our carers are here to alleviate the pressure and worries of home maintenance and can offer regular support so that you can relax knowing everything is taken care of. Whether you require daily, weekly or fortnightly visits, our carers will always look forward to greeting you with a warm and friendly smile, ensuring everything is done just the way you like it.

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Our home care plans are individually tailored to ensure you receive the level of support that’s perfectly right for you. We understand that it’s for you to decide how often you’d like us to call around and we’ll be there for you as often or as little as you need us to be.

Our home care is Seren’s core solution to independent living, where you remain completely in control and simply support in making life an enjoyable and stress-free experience. Discover confidence and reassurance with a little TLC from our team of friendly, professional carers.

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Family Owned

We’ll always make you feel welcome

Good Company

We are one of the largest private care providers in South Wales

We Appreciate You

Our competative pay rates reward our hard-working team

A Diverse Community

You’ll meet people from all walks of life

Training & Development

We’ll provide all the training you need

Career Progression

Our career progression opportunities are endless

Great Benefits

Money is great, but benefits are better

Rewarding Career

There’s nothing quite like supporting other people

The Opportunity.

We’re always looking for wonderful, caring individuals to join our team as community carers. With a range of positions available across South Wales, why not submit your details and take the next step to becoming a carer with Seren.

Join our values

S Always STRIVE for the best outcomes
E Be ENGAGING and true, to yourself and to others
R Be RESPONSIBLE, take ownership
E Have ENERGY and care for others
N Be NURTURING at heart

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Meet Polly, our Talent Sourcing Manager. Polly’s here to help you begin your career with Seren. Reach her on any of the below contact methods and arrange an informal chat.

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We understand that you’ll come to us with ambitions and learn and develop new skills, whilst building your confidence as you work towards your career and personal goals.

We’re with you every step of the way, and we’ll innovate ways to help you progress through the career ladder. A career in care can provide endless possibilities and we’re committed to helping you discover every single one of them.

All we ask is that you dare to dream big, because at Seren, we know anything is possible.

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Considering a career in care?
If you’re ready for the challenge of something new and exciting, we
would love to welcome you into the diverse and inclusive team at Seren.

Seren Success.

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Find out more about the incredible people working at Seren, and value of happiness could be found caring on the frontline. be inspired by their success at our fast-growing company.