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We’re here to help you live as independently as possible, with a little support from our friendly and professional team of carers. At Seren, we put you at the very heart of what we do, delivering your care, your way, always.

Kind words….

I was back with my parents for a few days this week to review their situation. Again, I have to praise the team at Seren! They are always so kind and caring whilst also managing to be efficient and getting everything done to a very high standard. I’ve attached a photo of Sara, who never fails to make my Mum smile! She has built a great rapport with my Dad, speaking in Welsh with him and chatting about things of interest to him. 

It’s hard being so far away but sometimes the carers personalise their Pass App observations and this makes the distance a bit easier to deal with. Tia wrote today: ‘Des is always so polite and thankful for what we do. Chatted throughout’. Tia also helped with a smart bulb I had ordered for Dad’s Alexa. Seemingly small gestures can make such a massive difference. Every single carer I spent time with this week, showed real professionalism as well as true warmth towards both of my parents. Please pass on my gratitude.

Best wishes,


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