Seren Stories – Summer 2021

I would like to take a moment to re-introduce our company newsletter.

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This year, we made the decision to take our newsletters to quarterly editions.We felt in doing this, we would be able to better share our business objectives and news, and keep everyone informed in the growth and changes of Seren. It has been quite some time since COVID-19 made itself known. We are now in a position where we see restrictions beginning to lift, and we find ourselves in a place that feels a little more like normality. For our industry in particular, COVID has presented a range of challenges – I am proud of how Team Seren have adapted to the challenges we’ve faced. Whilst restrictions continue to ease, I would just like to gently remind everyone that COVID-19 is still very much present, and as carers, we have a duty to remain vigilant and ensure we follow current guidance. I am certain you all will.

It is incredible to see the strength of our team as we strive to deliver an exceptional level of care within our local communities, but please look after yourselves too. We are currently working in extreme temperatures that I expect will last throughout the coming weeks and months. Please remember to pop into your local branches for cold drinks and refreshments and keep yourself hydrated while working. To care for others, you have to first care for yourselves. Thank you all for working through the heat of summer.

I will close this with a sincere thank you to each of you for bringing your all to Seren. I am proud of the team we have fostered and the quality of care we provide to our service users and I am certain that because of all of you, we are, in many ways, the best care company in South Wales.

Enjoy reading,
Nick x

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